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Electricians Liverpool

Below is a directory about Electricians Liverpool. Please view the following companies to find a suitable Electricians company in Liverpool region.

Electrical Services Preferred Supplier
RF Cox & Son Electrical Services Ltd
[ Electrical Services ]
Paul is a very experienced and dedicated electrician. He served his apprenticeship with Southern Electric Contracting 1992-1996 & has had an enormous amount of work in domestic, commercial & industrial environments. He continually undergoes training courses to keep himself abreast of the ever changing world of electrics & the regulations. With all the necessary qualifications & experience to do the job right.
Electricians Preferred Supplier
Electricians on call
[ Electricians ]
Electricians on Call are a Kent based electrical contractor covering the whole of Kent, Sussex and the South East of England. From changing a faulty light switch to a complete rewire we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that it all runs smoothly. We are fully approved by the NICEIC, and as such you can be sure that all electrical works undertaken are of the highest standard.
Contact:0844 567 0157
Electrical Services Preferred Supplier
Simon Hopkins Electrical Services
[ Electrical Services ]
We are a NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) accredited company installing as per the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE). Using our team of electricians we have the capacity to carry out many electrical requirements along with a 24 hour support line.
Contact:0845 409 1230
Electricians Preferred Supplier
Charnwood Electrical
[ Electricians ]
If you are looking for an electrician with experience in developing bespoke Energy Policies for your company, Charnwood are ideal. We create efficiency recommendations at site and group level, reducing your consumption and therefore your bottom line costs. Charnwood's practical, tailored approach has already helped many businesses to save money with our help.
Contact:01509 218963
Electricians Preferred Supplier
FES Electrical
[ Electricians ]
Our NICEIC registered electricians are specialists in all aspects of electrical work for domestic and commercial premises, covering Manchester, Bolton, Salford, Stockport and Wigan. Why Choose FES Electrical, Commercial & Domestic Electricians? We are NICEIC approved contractors and NICEIC Part P domestic installers. Fully endorsed by the NICEIC we offer piece of mind to our clients and a high standard of workmanship.
Electricians Preferred Supplier
G&R Electrical Leeds Ltd
[ Electricians ]
As NICEIC accredited electrical contractors we also offer a full range of commercial and industrial electrical services for the area's businesses. Please visit our commercial and industrial services page for more information. No matter what size the job our aim is to deliver an outstanding level of service and absolute customer satisfaction. When you need an electrician in Leeds, call us.
Contact:0113 370 9096
Electrical Contractors Preferred Supplier
RB Grant Electrical Contractors
[ Electrical Contractors ]
RB Grant Electrical Contractors is a long established family run business with a reputation earned from the professional service we offer through our fully qualified electricians. We insist on the highest of standards and this is demonstrated by our membership to approved bodies and the growth of our business during the past 37 years. We offer a wide range of services, so whatever your electrical needs are you can trust RB Grant Electrical Contractors to provide a fast and efficient solution.

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